Investigate genetic and environmental influences as viewed through your eyes.

Your Eyes Truly Are the Windows For Gaining Knowledge & Preventative Care of Your Health

Targets specific cells to enhance the overall health of your body.


 The Benefits are Endless!


The alternative to prescription antibiotics without side effects.





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Pet's Need Quality Nutrients Too!


It is estimated that in Canada there are approximately 12,000,000 household pets and there are over 250,000 horses in the province of Ontario alone

Every year Canadian pet owners spend million of dollars to treat animals with pharmaceuticals and other chemicals

But just as humans benefit from natural herbal remedies, so too can their pets. Nature's Sunshine has produced a convenient brochure to help pet owners utilize the healing properties of herbs and nutrition to improve the health of their pets


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Anti-Tumor, Anti- Fungal

Paw Paw

Intestinal System

Chlorophyll Sunshine Bifidophilus, Bifidophilus Flora Force

Urinary System

Cranberry and Buchu

Immune System

Cat's Claw Xombination, Colostrum, Echinacea and Goldenseal, Green Zone

Structural System

ART-A with Devil's Claw

Digestive System

Acidophilus, Catnip and Fennel

Nervous System

Valerian, AD-C

Circulatory System

Bilberry, High Potency Grapine

Respiratory System

Echinacea Purpea, Lobellia

General Nutrition

Essentials Liquid Minerals, SynerProtein


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