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Ion Foot Cleanse

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  • High BP also known as hypertension is the number one risk factor for stroke and heart disease.
  • 1 in 5 Canadians have high blood pressure conditions related to high blood pressure. 

Hypertension increases your risk of:


o       Heart attack by 3 times

o       Heart failure by 4 times

o       Stroke by 7 times

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Take a Load Out of YOUR Feet!

 What Can an Ion Cleanse Do For You?

Ionic Cleanse is an easy, soothing pleasurable & non-invasive foot bath system that assists the body in ridding itself of toxins The energized water helps to re-balance your energy meridians by permeating and realigning your energy fields Ongoing and periodic detoxification, combined with a healthy lifestyle and high quality supplements and minerals are key to good health

Do YOU Need to Cleanse?

 When there are more toxins than nutrients in the cells of your body you will notice a lack of pep and energy. This is your body's message that something is wrong and needs correction

What May YOU Expect From an Ionic Cleanse?

Your body functions within a harmonious and finely-tuned equilibrium and is subject to a continuous flow of energy which is in constant movement. Therefore, your state of health depends on your body's ability to respond to the continuous changes that take place at all levels of your organisms and on its innate capacity to regulate them.  Blocks may occur in this flow of energy which needs to be corrected and compensated for if the intital balance is restored.

General Expected Results from Ion Cleansing:

 Healthier Individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a great sense of well being from each Ion Cleanse session. many people with pain, edema, gout, hot flashes, yeast overgrowth and swollen or deteriorating joints report considerable symptomatic relief from each Ion Cleanse

Not recommended for people with pacemakers, organ transplants, epilespsy, seizures, wounds or sores on feet, or anyone who is pregnant or nursing

Minerals MUST be replaced following a Each Ion Cleanse therefore we include a complementary dose of high quality Mineral Supplement with each foot bath

Testimonials: The Ion Cleanse Bath literally pulled the Candida out of me in 4 sessions! (Extreme Cases may take longer). C. Shannon, Niagara Falls



Ear Candling

What Is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling is a non-invasive holistic method that helps clean out excessive ear wax and other discomforts in the upper respiratory tracts. It can help with ear aches, fluid in the ear, excessive wax buildup, sinus congestion, headaches, unnatural noises in the ear and dizziness. Many people find it helps greatly in PREVENTION of the common cold.


 History Of Ear Candling  


Ear Candling is a technique with its origins traced as far back as biblical times, when hollow reeds were used. It has roots in ancient Egyptian, Oriental and European cultures, and is a practice that is experiencing a resurgence in popularity today due to an excessive amount of mucous, catarrh, bacteria, virus and parasite invasion of the human body often caused by excessive use of suppressant medications, milk products, white flour and white sugar.
The candles should be made of UNBLEACHED cotton and NATURAL BEE's WAX. They function even better if the essential oils of Cajeput and/or Tea Tree Oil for pain and parasites, Cedar for itching and healing, Eucalyptus for clearing the breathing areas in the head, Echinacea for killing bacteria, Peppermint and/or Lavender for nervine tonic,  anti-inflammation, pain relieving and over-all relaxing are contained in the wax and/or   air-sprayed on the candles after they are dipped.

 AS can be seen by this picture, a hollow candle is placed in the ear after the area around the ear has been prepared by massaging with a lotion containing eucalyptus and/or wintergreen (e.g. TeiFu Massage Lotion, being careful not to get it in the eyes!!) around the ear and from the center of the forehead towards the ear and from under the eye towards the ear paying special attention to the hollow spot just behind the ear where the Eustachian tube is found.
The candle is lit; then as it burns down, it is cut carefully at about 1 inch intervals allowing it to burn down to about 3 inches above the ear. I put the candle through an aluminum foil-lined cardboard pie plate to give added protection from sparks or 'whatever'. (Burning hair is not a pleasant odour nor desirable for anyone!!)


What problems are addressed by this procedure?

  •  hearing disorders such as hearing loss (deafness) or noises (tinnitis)

  • dizziness, a problem of the inner ear (Called vertigo or Meniere's)

  •  pain in head from pressure, sinus, excess ear wax

  •  aching of the ear (often a bacterial, viral or parasitic problem in the tissues.)

  •  annoying discomfort such as itching or a 'full' feeling.

What to expect during a Candling treatment

  •   soft, gentle heat in the ear canal

  •  a feeling of 'lightness' around the ear, in the sinus areas, even in the head.

  • a feeling of being 'cleansed' from many years of accumulated waste

  • itchiness in ear showing healing taking place


Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition is vital to your overall health. You cannot be an active, vital, energetic person without it. Your diet impacts your health. Therfore, nutritional counseling is a very important part of our services.

You have no doubt heard that people with diabetes and high blood pressure can control their conditions via the right diet. But did you know that the right nutritional plan can help patients with rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, and even muscle injuries?

By choosing the right foods, vitamins and herbal supplements, you can enjoy better energy and mobility, and you can also prevent illnesses and diseases.

Through an Iridology, Compass & / OR Muscle Testng Assessment we can help you make those good choices.

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