Your Eyes Truly are the Windows  to Gaining Knowledge & Preventative Care of Your Health

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Anna Marie will be doing
$10.00 Mini Iridology
 & Compass Assessments
 on March 28/15 for 
Niagara Falls Canada


Video: YOU Can Prevent the Number One Killer! Anna Marie Explains How!




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March 25, 2017


All About YOU Days Niagara 


Anna Marie will doing Mini Iridology & Nutritional Assessments

Along with Many Health Practitioners

who will be giving People a Taste of the

Many Natural Healing Techniques available






A Simple Answer to SO Many Women’s Health Issues

This Video by Dr. Cynthia Eaton, Gynecologist & Dr. Gordon Petersen is packed full of Invaluable information Every Women Needs to Know. Most Popular Herbal Hour Video so we are showing it again!!!"  Call/Text AnnaMarie to HOLD YOUR SPOT!  905-354-0228


Introduction to Iridology Workshop


Fun, Interactive & Of Interest to Anyone

Wanting to Know More About This EYE-Opening Modality


What Will Be Covered in this Introductory Class?

An overview of what can be revealed through the irises of the eyes.

This introductory course is designed for those with no previous knowledge of iridology.


Time & Location TBA


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Anna Marie Is A Laugh YOURSELF Healthy Niagara Club Member

& Recommends YOU Add Laughter as Part of Your Health Regimen

Instructor Carolyn Shannon and pupil Gloria Messenger practice Laughter Yoga
 at the community centre, Tuesday Jan. 24, "pulling the negativity out of our ears,"
 explains Shannon, while breathing deeply and laughing to fill their lungs
 and send more oxygen to their brains. Classes are on a drop-in basis.
For more information visit

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